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Lasting impressions: The legacy of Pope Benedict XVI

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Benedict XVI has clearly seen the state of the Church for many decades. His comments across time are displayed in this book and they are consistent. His estimate of the future Church as being smaller but purer is on target as I have been able to see across time. He has optimism overall but does not wear rose-colored glasses. He offers what you will find to be well-seasoned assessments of the future of the Church. Balance is a gooe measure of Benedict XVI. Charles plainly and clearly lays out this immediate moment in our Church's history.

This book is perfect reading this Lent, as we await the results of the Conclave. Plus, in the future, when scholars and students attempt to grasp these tumultuous times we are living in, this book will clearly set the stage. This was a quick read and very much to the point. Great review of Benedict XVI.

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Good but a little dated. Even Coloumbe failed to catch the danger posed by Francis. Benedict The Great is not a flowery little title to hand out. Captured here in easy to read style is the story of the greatest Pope in our lifetime. Read the book and see why. He talked firm and with love and told the truth no. I really liked this book as it gives the reader an insight into the mind of our Pope Emeritus and what led him to his decision to leave the papacy. It reads really fast, almost like a mystery novel. If you are looking for a summarization of the papacy of Pope Benedict this is perfect.

It brings in a bit of his past in order to explain the present but focuses on the actual papacy and what it means for the church.

The legacy and spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola, according to Benedict XVI - Vatican

One person found this helpful. I admit to being very partial indeed to everything Coulombe writes - it possesses a kind of magic for me But I have to say that even if I were not so partial to the author, I would still find this an indispensable guide to the last papacy. Now, this is partly because unlike Presidents, prime ministers or other national leaders, the Holy Father is concerned with the whole world.

While the two have spoken by telephone at least twice, this was their first meeting since Pope Francis' March 13 election.

Pope Francis, Catholic neo-traditionalists and the legacy of Benedict XVI- La Croix International

Pope Benedict, wearing a quilted white jacket over a simple white cassock -- without a short cape or white sash -- was driven to the garden heliport to greet his successor. Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman, said the two rode in the same car to the villa.

Pope Francis sat on the right -- the spot reserved for the pope -- and Pope Benedict sat on the left. After their visit to the chapel, the two spent 45 minutes talking alone, Father Lombardi said. He would not release details of the conversation and would not explain what was in the large box and two large envelopes seen on the table between the two. The two had lunch together at Castel Gandolfo, then reportedly went for a short walk. Pope Francis returned to the Vatican about two-and-a-half hours after he arrived.

Hundreds of people who were gathered in the main square outside the papal villa were left disappointed. After years of persistent rumours over his health—past strokes and possible current heart disease—Benedict also asserted that resignation for reasons of health was a viable papal option, a remark that went almost unnoticed.

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In short, Benedict is in a relatively strong Nixon-goes-to-China position to open leftwards. But his room to do so is far from infinite: The functional truth about man has been discovered. Who insisted that he be condemned to death? After the speech in which Benedict quoted the anti-Muhammad remarks of a Byzantine emperor, setting off violent protests in the Islamic world, he devoted considerable time to mending fences with Muslims.

That increased attention may, suggest some observers, have contributed to recent bumps in the road in the Jewish relationship. Even so, in part those bumps were inevitable: Richard Williamson is one of four men consecrated as bishops in by breakaway archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who objected to the reforms of Vatican II.

The Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI

Benedict, who has long wanted to mend fences with the traditionalists, lifted the excommunications on Jan. Benedict felt blindsided amid the immediate uproar. A final factor colouring Catholic-Jewish relations is that Jewish disquiet is starting to be matched by Catholic exasperation. An understandable reaction, if that was what Benedict had actually done, but to state that the Jews are innocent of the charge of murdering Jesus is not the same as pardoning them for their non-existent crime. Next The most important charts to watch in What Stephen Harper won't tell you about same-sex marriage.

Michael and Michael celebrate 10 years of legalized same-sex marriage in Canada.

From evolution to safe sex, Benedict revealed himself to be a surprisingly activist Pope

First same-sex couple to wed in France under new marriage law.