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Amazing chest ahead Praise the sun! Paromin This is an RPG, everything required to finish the main game can be solved by gaining a ridiculous amount of levels. Amazing chest ahead Try holding with two hands. DontSendRequest Rejection hurts, don't send me a request, it may hurt. Try a plunging attack. Terms of Use Violations: Notes optional; required for "Other": Add user to Ignore List after reporting. You are not allowed to request a sticky. You are not allowed to update this topic's flair. More topics from this board Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? In the miasma of smoke and fog the lamplight spread along the strands.

It almost created an overcast sense as though beyond the mist waited the sun. The populace ignored her even the street sweepers. Aeris dwelled below even their care. As for her escort, he slid past their vision, stunning and better than they. Slum girls were easy to buy. This sector was only a layer away from the true city above. Even the destitute and poor have hierarchy, and Aeris flinched at another harsh glare.

Her hands were still locked in his one. It seemed far safer despite the foul looks. Molten metal somehow more frozen than the wastes beyond the far north.

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Aeris shivered and any smile was lost as he lowered his head into memory. His madness had found him in the heart of a reactor and shame shrouded him from crown to toe. I hate this city. He shook his head as the street widened to avenue and the light mimicked twilight at dusk. Aeris squeezed his hand as they passed an elegant structure that mocked a cathedral with its grace.

A black post dangled white light over a shop where both maps and portraits were drawn. The flower girl was chewing her lip, and he raised a silver brow. Child, I have no right.

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You could do nothing to make me angry. The once general pulled her beneath the awning beside a rusting rail. He laid his free hand to her smooth cheek, and the fear shivered out at his touch.

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She shut her eyes but briefly and when she reopened his beauty radiated in summer green. All of her focus tangled away in hair spun from the threads of the moon, and the face it framed stole the breath from her throat as it quickened the pulse in her ears. Sephiroth heard that and frowned confused, before sweeping the strands from his face. It was so formal that in such a moment, Aeris could only laugh.

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What other reason could the Planet need me back? Midgar…well, it hates you…the people blame you for all their ills. They need a scapegoat for their grief and…you were more than fitting. Emerald remained lowered and Aeris noticed his lashes enhanced the angelic look. Hiding the cat eyes helps, she thought, but then, it makes him look so sad…. Some were beaten to death.

And a few were even burned alive. Remember I told you speaking your name could get your tongue torn out? Sephiroth nodded, resisting the urge to pull her closer in. She was an innocent forced to see horror all because of him. The shopkeeper frowned when they vacated their space and took hope of some business away. Sephiroth concentrated on hiding who he was behind the gleaming Mako eyes. Her little hand so trusting in his kept the once general peering down. She seemed neither ashamed nor alarmed and in truth it was helping his ruse.

This tiny, stunning gem in enthusiasm leading the semblance of who he was. He let his mind flicker to these haughty slum-born, seeing no recognition there. It dwarfed his height with its austere steps, and in shade a small shop gnawed on its domain. Aeris grinned up as he opened the door, and Sephiroth ducked to follow her inside.

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He was forced to dim his sense of smell for the candles lining the walls. The ceiling was as low as the shop was dim, and dust froze in Mako cold. Wooden beams crossed the top hung with knick-knacks, strange baubles, and macabre toys. Beneath the floor, though, there dwelled a large space, and his boots echoed silence below. Aeris was pulling at her hand in his and he let her go to sorry soft.

The warmth of his palm felt so empty now with no more use to give. At the counter the girl there wore porcelain face, but her dress was more fit for a funeral. She was leaning bored on a lacy, half glove as the little Cetra approached. Her hair was blacker than the false sky above, but the tips were as winter white. Neon green poured in hard scrutiny, but she saw neither that nor him. Sliding a finger beneath the counter, she inspected the dirt with brows held tight as though searching for some flaw.

After some moments she held her hand out, fingertip lifted high. Run along home, slum girl.

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It was the first time Aeris had seen such an expression on his ever passive face. Great Mako eyes cut her as sharp as the slivers at their heart. Sephiroth whirled to pace the floor throwing glares over his shoulder. Gone was the sorrow, the guilt and remorse. Gone was the endless despair.

No not gone, Aeris thought, buried in arrogance. He could hide it. He could hide it all. The arrogant mask fell fast in grief as Sephiroth rushed forward. He used no persuasion, but the girl still obeyed, opening her eyes before sitting up. She pushed lank, bi-colored strands from her vision and stared up at angelic face. How are you here? The Cetra ignored the haughty glance and hoped Sephiroth would do the same.