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The bonus tracks here flesh out that early picture of the band, including At Night 's "Earwig", which was left off the original edition. The best extra cuts here are "Calm Before the Storm" and "Candidate", both hidden gems from the "Block of Wood" single.

There are demos that show a bit of the process for these songs, but they don't add much else to an otherwise solid set. Compiletely Bats was released in to set up the Bats' first full album, Daddy's Highway , which followed later in the same year. Volume 1 gives this album its own disc with no bonus cuts added on.

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That kind of reverence is well earned. The band clearly cut its teeth on those EPs, and as a result Daddy's Highway became and remains their finest album and most clear musical statement. The distant worry of this song continues throughout the album, from the moody shuffle of "Mid City Team" to the subtle edge of "Treason" to the brilliantly soft layers of closer "Tragedy".

Alastair Galbreath adds violin to these tracks, and his brooding playing adds a beautiful layer to these tracks. The album ends on a gloomy low hum, but despite the blue artwork and lilting nature of these songs, the Bats were as much about shifting sadness into pop transcendence as they were about crafting melancholic tunes. Scott feels unhinged by emotion but in control as a musician on Daddy's Highway , and the band follows suit. The album doesn't change its elements -- or even really veer from the elements on the EPs -- but there's still a subtle variety in the way hooks get buried in the tracks, in the way melodies pull apart and stretch.

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If the Bats were a more glossy offshoot of the Clean, their pop sensibilities were no less volatile on their classic debut. The formula continued on 's The Law of Things , or at least that's how it seemed. The album was released the same year as the reformed Clean's classic full-length debut, Vehicle , and it's hard not to see an influence from the Kilgour brothers on The Law of Things.

Opener "The Other Side of You" is trademark Bats, with carefully wrought riffs and Scott's high honeyed singing, but there's also a propulsion here, a pulse just a half-step quicker than anything on Daddy's Highway. The title track doubles-down on this shift, churning ahead on angular guitars and tight drums, while Scott's soft voice shifts into a sneering bark.

Of course, if the band picks up the pace, they also expand on their intricacies. The vocal harmonies stretch out into landscapes larger than anything the band had done before. This new subtle expanse continues on the thumping "Nine Days" and the patient, roiling closer "Smoking Her Wings". These songs, especially "North By North" and "Straight Through My Heart", show the time around The Law of Things as a particularly creative period for the band, and even for a notoriously prolific songwriter like Scott.

These longer, carefully wrought songs push at the limits of the Bats's aesthetic and shows an impressive strength in their sound, one that may not hit with the immediate speed of the Clean but doesn't lose its impact in focusing more on texture than force. The demos and outtakes included with The Law of Things provide interesting context, but like the demos from the first disc, don't quite hold up to the fully built tunes here. The line on the Bats has long been that their consistency is limiting.

They've made eight full records using essentially the same approach, and it's easy to shrug them off at some point and dismiss the formula as stale. But lining these records up next to each other in Volume 1 , we see the built-in variety in the Bats's approach and in Robert Scott's songwriting, and we also see subtle shifts and careful tangents over time. Daddy's Highway and The Law of Things are similar, and made by the same players with the same musical vision, but they are hardly identical.

The first succeeds on mood and melody, the second on pitting expansive compositions against taut, energetic ones. The Bats are a crucial part of the Flying Nun story, as well as the story of New Zealand music, and this excellent collection reaffirms that while also sneaking in a few reasons to reconsider the band's work and appreciate it from a new angle. Barry Jenkins' If Beale Street Could Talk is a thought-provoking tale of both love and injustice, and in working with Moonlight composer Nicholas Brittell, the two find compelling musical motifs from unexpected places.

Short Stories columnist Jenny Bhatt presents the finest of this year's short stories collections from a wide range of authors that have no fear of pushing the boundaries. Juno-winning Canadian songwriter Dan Mangan's love of his influences and peers has lead him to craft something quite joyous: This is no scene or collective. These artists have reached their limit in all directions, back into traditions and forward into uncertain futures.

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They want Bobby to arrange a meeting between them and his boss Marty Vet. They want Bobby to arrange a meeting between them and his boss Marty Vetch. Bobby refuses to submit to their demands, so Scarface mutilates him with a corkscrew before having his body dumped into the ocean. Scarface plans on sabotaging Vetch's reputation by poisoning his heroin shipments.

Meanwhile at Blackgate Prison , the guards are overworked with the sudden influx of new inmates. The overcrowding is yielding tedious work, but one inmate finds himself released - Harvey Kent. Harvey Dent seizes the chance to fool the guards and gets out of prison using Harvey Kent's identity.

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At Wayne Manor, Dick and Tim try to keep the place tidy. They both lament the absence of Alfred and wonder how their former butler is faring. As night comes, they get into costume and go into the Batcave. They analyze a news report concerning shipments of contaminated heroin and soon deduce that the Ventriloquist and Scarface are behind it all. They take the Batmobile down to the Ventriloquist Club in the Wharfdale district and finds themselves in the middle of a firefight between Scarface's mob and Marty Vetch's thugs.

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Entering the fray, Batman interrogates one of the gangsters and demands to know where Wesker is. At Marty Vetch's penthouse, the Ventriloquist and Scarface burst in uninvited and announces that they are taking control of Vetch's operations.