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Will the Deans find it before the others? Will they even survive the journey?

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This book is a script-form novel, which means it is in present tense like a film script. It also has shorter, more succinct descriptions, as a script would. The gist of the story is told with the dialogue.

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I consider it an art form unto itself. It will take the reader a minute or two to adjust to the format, then you can sail through my stories easily and quickly; fast-paced books for a busy world. I hope you like them. Toon meer Toon minder.

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    Breng me op de hoogte Op verlanglijstje. Added to weather hazards are mechanical failures, errors of judgement and the like. For military pilots there are, of course, the added risks of flying in a war environment and for research pilots there are the risks of flying into the unknown. In this collection of flying stories, half of which are fiction and half of which are factual, John Palliser describes situations in which pilots lose the battle for survival.

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    They will never again land off a final approach. During the Napoleonic wars Jane nurses a captured French officer and love blossoms. But is it to be love or loyalty? The conquering forces of Shoog the Awesome have left the City after a hundred years. Will they join together to rebuild their devastated City?

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    Or will their liberty cause darker forces to leach out? It gives us a revealing glimpse of how a leading churchman of this time regarded his world. A surprise bequest from an unknown benefactor leads American adoptee, Addie Russell, to Surrey on a journey to discover more about her mysterious English family. She does not know that her search will uncover secrets that will both shock and thrill her.


    Nor can she imagine the emotions and events which await her. A young woman struggles through a morass of unsuitable relationships, involving betrayal, danger and heartbreak, in order to find her cultural identity. Her journey takes her from India to Britain to American and back to India. Is she destined to live her life on the fringes of the communities where she grew up? Or will she finally come to terms with who she is? In this, the second of the Priedeux mysteries, we rediscover Tom Priedeux, now serving the young Anne Boleyn.

    However, Tom is more than just a servant; at different times, he is her mentor, her confidante and sometimes her critic.

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    Anne has one overriding ambition: The only way she can achieve her aim is to marry a powerful man and use her wiles to influence him. But for how long can he survive the political battles of the Court without himself becoming a target for powerful men? Priedeux is a medieval hitman.

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    • As he follows the clues in the poem, Priedeux finds himself questioning the very purpose of his vocation. Can he discover the identity of the mysterious author in time to stop rebellion and save his own life? And what will he report to his master, John of Gaunt?