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I do not own Marvel, the Thor movies, or any of the characters from them. I only own my OCs! Ola did not mention that she already knew this.

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Linn was grinning too widely. Dat way they are still on realm if Loki decides to do somefing dumb," Linn laughed and grabbed two of the corners of the blanket, helping her friend.

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Then I get to start my new job. It would be great! We could all do princess-y fings together!

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The girls folded laundry for a few more hours - in a place as big as the palace of Asgard there was always plenty of laundry to be collected washed, dried, folded, and delivered to its owners, especially when the guards were training and getting clothing sweaty at all hours. Folding was the best job and every laundress knew it.

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You got to stay in the laundry room so you didn't run the risk of offending a noble, you didn't have to work with the soap that was rough on your skin, you pretty much got to sit down and chat the whole time. Folding was tedious, but it was easy and Linn didn't mind helping out while she waited for Maisy and Loki to return from their honeymoon. Of course, after hours of folding she was beginning to wonder when they'd get back. And she was starting to get bored.

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And when Linn got bored she tended to also get chatty. Ola laughed a little and waved. Linn was a good friend when it boiled down to it, but it didn't seem like she ever gave Ola a chance to talk about her problems. The laundress got back to folding and hoped her friend wouldn't become too distant now that she was going to be working with royalty. Linn straightened her frock and her short, curly hair as she waited by the door to their chambers.

She rocked back and forth on her feet and looked down the hallway, hoping that her friends would be coming shortly. On her left was Bjorn, standing guard as usual and looking absolutely adorable in his armor, and on her right was Lady Fulla, who used to be Queen Frigga's lady's maid or lady-in-waiting or whatever the proper title was. Linn still wasn't sure what exactly her new job entailed.

Think of love when not between Huns, A sniper's quick, and love is blind. As drags on, weariness is not disguised. One article details the laborious and seemingly unending process of trench warfare.

Merry it was to laugh there

This man is brought back, and the score is one to nothing for the night… It seems a little bit slow taking one man at a time, as there may be millions more. But it all helps to pass the time till Christmas, when the war is going to end. Only we don't know which Christmas. Like Private Eye, The Wipers Times has a gossip column, made all the more compelling by leaving puzzles in the air, their solutions presumably known only by those in the inner circle. Obviously, jokes about an obscure Major, or Flamsey MacBonald, or Trench Foot, mean infinitely less to us today than they would have done to soldiers in the thick of it 90 years ago.

But if the years have peeled away a coating of comedy, they have also revealed additional layers of poignancy, and of meaning.

The laughter may have lessened with time, but there is poetry in its distant rumble. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Tuesday 18 September Merry it was to laugh there.

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A parody of Kipling's If, ending "You'll be a soldier one day, then, my son", lists all the extreme hardships of war: If you can crawl through wire and crumpholes reeking With feet of liquid mud, and keep your head Turned always to the place which you are seeking Through dread of crying you will laugh instead If you can fight a week in Hell's own image And at the end just throw you down and grin…" The juxtaposition of jauntiness and realism is the trademark of The Wipers Times. Chirpy limericks relate the peril of letting the mind wander to thoughts of love: How mean can humans really be?

Well, these two women have set new heights of being inhumane. Tests revealed that they had not given any food or water to their pet dog, and it had tried to chew plastic bowls and cigarette butts in hunger. A neighbor who saw that the dog was behaving strangely immediately called the police, but before they arrived, damage was done. As the dog was roaming around looking for anything to eat, 79 year old Veteran Clifford Clarke came out of his front door to the porch.

As soon as the dog saw him, it pounced upon him and began to bite off his flesh.